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Enjoy the Secrets of Crab Cake Sliders from the Chef at Red Parrot Cafe. Are you looking for a tasty treat to enjoy while on vacation here at Breakers Resort? But, also would like to take it home and enjoy it all summer long? Check out the Secret Revealed by our chef on how to make the best BLT Crab Cake Sliders.

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"Arrrgh Maties, hello I am Ryan Copenhapper, the Executive Chef at the Breakers Resort.  I am sitting inside the Red Parrot Ocean Bar and Grill.  Doing a segment on Chef's Secrets Revealed.  Today, I am going to be cooking you Crab Cake Sliders, so let's go on into the kitchen."

"First of all, you can see that I already cheated and I made the crab mix already.  So, inside the crab cake mix you can either use your hands or a scoop about 2 ounces or so a piece.  So, what I did for every pound of crab meat, there is a 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, 1/4 tbsp of mustard, 1 egg, little dash of pepper and some Worcestershire Sauce, Old Bay Seasoning and when you are using Old Bay you want to watch that you don't use salt because Old Bay has salt in it already.  Then we use the breadcrumbs that help combine it together.  Next there are some scallions in there or you can use chives or parsley where it really doesn't matter on that part and then a little dash of hot sauce.

That is basically about it, they are pretty simple.  These are straight on crab cakes, you can buy them at any convenience store or any fish market.  Now of course I use the flattop grill over here but at home you can just grab yourself a skillet, grab a little bit of butter.  Make sure your skillet is hot, you don't want to put your food on a cold skillet.  It takes a couple of minutes to cook on each side.  While that is cooking you can use a toaster or another pan where you want to go ahead and toast up your buns.  You always want to have hot buns.  I always want to put a little twist on it and take my tomatoes and put them on the grill or you can put them on a flat top or skillet where this will give them a little char that brings out the sugar in them and makes them a little sweeter.  And as much as you want to, just leave them alone and let them cook and let them get brown and toasty.  Next, put a little salt and pepper on the tomatoes.

I also did a citrus, black pepper mayonnaise to go with it.  It is real simple, just take a 1/2 cup Mayonnaise, juice from 1/2 of a lime and 1/2 of a lemon and add pepper and let it go.  Ok, these are nice and brown and flip them over.  

Ok, on top of the buns we will put the citrus mayonnaise, make sure to do each top.  Next like any BLT, you want to go ahead and assemble with your lettuce,  then I will put my crab cakes down their first, tomatoes on top of that and then top with the bacon and there you have it.  Crab Cakes Platter BLT.

Thanks for joining me with the Chef's Secrets Revealed here at The Red Parrot at The Breakers Resort hope to see you soon, if not this guy will come and get ya."


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