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Top 5 Mini Golf Courses

Check out the top 5 mini golf courses when vacationing in Myrtle Beach.

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On your next Myrtle Beach vacation, play one of the top five mini golf courses in the area. Number five, Shark Attack. The new Shark Attack Adventure Golf, Myrtle Beach’s only ocean front mini golf course is fairly straightforward. But the finishing hole can get pretty tense when a Great White emerges from the depths to take on a fishing boat. Number four, Dragon’s Layer. Dragon’s Layer fantasy golf at Broadway at the Beach gives guests the imposing fire breathing dragon in the castle above and this tough hole; aboard a medieval ship makes for a challenging round of putt-putt. Number three, Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf. Take a fantasy golf adventure into Never-Never Land, play either of our two eighteen hole courses, hooks or lost boys.  Beware of the roving pirates and secret caverns. Number two, Shipwreck Adventure Mini Golf. The centerpiece of Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf is of course the shipwreck itself. You have permission to putt aboard the grounded ship, but beware of the broken mast in the middle and cannons protruding from the sides. Number one, Mount Atlanticus Mini Golf. Climbing the hills of Mount Atlanticus offers players a rewarding view of the ocean and Myrtle Beach skyline, but number eighteen is a difficult hole to say the least, it’s two stories tall. These are just a few of the fun mini golf courses you will discover in Myrtle Beach.


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